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in agreement

stone sculpture

My main passion is Stone Carving, aiming to transform discarded rock into something that has dignity and presence.  By lifting stone beyond gravity to create fluidity and lightness; by waking stone from its dormancy to discover its unseen rhythms, the sculptor imbues it with a new destiny.  My sculptures are not directly figurative or representational but explore different moods and qualities.  They thus address the contemplative and imaginative natures of their viewers, inviting them on both tactile and emotive journeys...view


mixed media

After several years of compulsively carving and essentially reducing material into simple compact sculptural forms with a mounting by-product of hard-care, I began a journey of exploring the construction of  materials This has enabled the creation of diverse complex surface areas that penetrate the surrounding space with a totally different dynamic.  I especially enjoy the juxtapositions of raw hard concrete with sleek machine cut shiny metals, or enduring stone with seemingly vulnerable slumped and fused glass...view

angela holmes collograph


Seeking a 2 dimensional art form both relevant and complimentary to sculptural processes, I discovered Collagraphs.  These prints, literally made from collages of found & recycled relief materials, achieve richness of texture and subtlety of colour. Sometimes I explore ideas for potential sculptures and other times I enjoy the tactile substance of the printing templates themselves, allowing them to burst out of the confines of a rectangular frame or to be cut and divided into jig-saws of simple sculptural shapes...view